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Production lists - Airbus A350 family - A35K

Total number of aircraft: 71

059 F-WMIL Airbus
065 F-HMIL Air Caraibes
071 G-VDOT Virgin Atlantic
088 A7-ANA Qatar Airways
102 A7-ANB Qatar Airways
110 A7-ANC Qatar Airways
118 B-LXA Cathay Pacific
125 A7-AND Qatar Airways
141 A7-ANE Qatar Airways
161 A7-ANF Qatar Airways
169 B-LXB Cathay Pacific
188 B-LXC Cathay Pacific
206 B-LXD Cathay Pacific
215 A7-ANG Qatar Airways
225 B-LXE Cathay Pacific
229 A7-ANH Qatar Airways
233 B-LXF Cathay Pacific
241 A7-ANI Qatar Airways
252 B-LXG Cathay Pacific
258 B-LXH Cathay Pacific
262 B-LXI Cathay Pacific
266 A7-ANJ Qatar Airways
274 G-VLUX Virgin Atlantic
286 B-LXJ Cathay Pacific
290 A6-XWB Etihad Airways
296 B-LXK Cathay Pacific
298 G-VPOP Virgin Atlantic
306 B-LXL Cathay Pacific
315 A6-XWA Etihad Airways
319 G-VPRD Virgin Atlantic
326 G-XWBA British Airways
330 A6-XWC Etihad Airways
332 A7-ANK Qatar Airways
336 G-VJAM Virgin Atlantic
340 G-XWBB British Airways
346 A7-ANL Qatar Airways
350 A7-ANM Qatar Airways
356 A7-ANN Qatar Airways
362 G-XWBC British Airways
368 A7-ANO Qatar Airways
372 A7-ANP Qatar Airways
374 G-XWBD British Airways
380 B-LXM Cathay Pacific
382 A7-ANQ Qatar Airways
386 G-XWBE British Airways
388 A6-XWF Etihad Airways
399 A7-ANR Qatar Airways
402 G-XWBF British Airways
415 G-VRNB Virgin Atlantic
420 A7-ANS Qatar Airways
424 B-LXN Cathay Pacific
426 G-VTEA Virgin Atlantic
430 A7-ANT Qatar Airways
432 G-XWBG British Airways
434 B-LXO Cathay Pacific
446 G-XWBH British Airways
473 G-XWBI British Airways
482 F-HTOO Air Caraibes
490 G-XWBJ British Airways
492 G-VEVE Virgin Atlantic
495 G-XWBK British Airways
503 B-LXP Cathay Pacific
507 G-VLIB Virgin Atlantic
509 B-LXQ Cathay Pacific
533 F-HSIS Air Caraibes
539 F-HMIX French Bee
547 G-XWBL British Airways
560 F-HMIB French Bee
563 G-XWBM British Airways
584 B-LXR Cathay Pacific
605 G-VBOB Virgin Atlantic
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