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Production lists - SAAB 340 / SAAB 2000 family

Total number of aircraft: 337

013 SB20 ES-NSE Nyxair
039 SB20 ES-NSF Nyxair
041 SB20 ES-NSH Nyxair
050 SB20 6001 Saudi Arabia - Air Force
062 SB20 J-062 Pakistan - Air Force
167 SF34 PH-CUA JetNetherlands
181 SF34 8P-ONE OCL Barbados
2000-004 SB20 N201JA Private owner
2000-005 SB20 N505JA Aleutian Airways
2000-006 SB20 N506FR Freight Runners Express
2000-007 SB20 HB-IZD SkyWork Airlines
2000-008 SB20 N508FR Freight Runners Express
2000-009 SB20 G-CDEA Eastern Airways
2000-011 SB20 S5-AFJ Adria Airways
2000-012 SB20 SE-KXK Air Leap
2000-013 SB20 G-LGNO Loganair
2000-014 SB20 SE-LRA SAAB Aircraft
2000-015 SB20 S5-AFG Adria Airways
2000-016 SB20 T7-016 Jetstream Aviation Capital
2000-017 SB20 N686PA PenAir
2000-018 SB20 G-LGNP Loganair
2000-020 SB20 N521FR Air Charter Express
2000-021 SB20 N687PA Aleutian Airways
2000-023 SB20 G-CFLV Eastern Airways
2000-024 SB20 SE-LTX BRA
2000-025 SB20 10025 Pakistan - Air Force
2000-027 SB20 N681PA PenAir
2000-028 SB20 N811BB Meregrass
2000-030 SB20 N682PA PenAir
2000-032 SB20 N532FR Freight Runners Express
2000-034 SB20 N814BB Meregrass
2000-035 SB20 SE-LOM Air Leap
2000-036 SB20 N536FR Freight Runners Express
2000-037 SB20 ES-NSJ Nyxair
2000-038 SB20 SE-MFF BRA
2000-039 SB20 G-LGNT Loganair
2000-041 SB20 G-LGNS Loganair
2000-042 SB20 N542FR Freight Runners Express
2000-043 SB20 ES-NSI Nyxair
2000-044 SB20 N813BB Meregrass
2000-046 SB20 N462PA Aleutian Airways
2000-048 SB20 S5-AFF Adria Airways
2000-051 SB20 T7-051 Private owner
2000-052 SB20 6002 Saudi Arabia - Air Force
2000-054 SB20 JA004G Japan - Civil Aviation Bureau
2000-055 SB20 N25UE Private owner N/A
2000-056 SB20 HB-IYA SkyWork Airlines
2000-059 SB20 N559FR Freight Runners Express
2000-063 SB20 SE-LTV SAAB Aircraft
259 SF34 UR-ELJ United Nations
265 SF34 8P-OCL OCL Barbados
340A-007 SF34 ES-LSG Airest
340A-008 SF34 VH-KDB Pel-Air
340A-010 SF34 SP-KPO SprintAir
340A-011 SF34 ES-LSH Airest
340A-015 SF34 SP-KPH SprintAir
340A-016 SF34 VH-KDK Pel-Air
340A-019 SF34 N921BC IBC Airways
340A-021 SF34 C6-SBD Sky Bahamas
340A-026 SF34 SP-KPK SprintAir
340A-027 SF34 C-GPCN Pacific Coastal Airlines
340A-036 SF34 N727DL Napleton Aviation
340A-037 SF34 ES-LSC Airest
340A-038 SF34 SP-KPL SprintAir
340A-041 SF34 N691BC IBC Airways
340A-043 SF34 C-GPCQ Pacific Coastal Airlines
340A-045 SF34 ES-LSB Skystream Airlines
340A-046 SF34 C6-EAR TopFlight Aero-Services
340A-050 SF34 N44KS Private owner
340A-052 SF34 YL-RAG RAF-Avia
340A-055 SF34 ES-LSA Airest
340A-060 SF34 N611BC IBC Airways
340A-061 SF34 N631BC IBC Airways
340A-064 SF34 ES-LSI Airest
340A-065 SF34 ZK-KRA Air Chathams
340A-066 SF34 HA-TVJ Fleet Air International
340A-069 SF34 N641BC IBC Airways
340A-070 SF34 SP-KPC SprintAir
340A-071 SF34 SP-KPV SprintAir
340A-074 SF34 LY-RUS DOT LT
340A-076 SF34 N651BC IBC Airways
340A-078 SF34 HA-TAG Fleet Air International
340A-080 SF34 ES-LSD Airest
340A-082 SF34 ES-NSN Nyxair
340A-083 SF34 HA-TAB Fleet Air International
340A-084 SF34 N671BC IBC Airways
340A-085 SF34 VH-EKT Pel-Air
340A-087 SF34 SP-KPZ SprintAir
340A-088 SF34 N901BC IBC Airways
340A-092 SF34 N792BA Air Sunshine
340A-094 SF34 C-GPCG Pacific Coastal Airlines
340A-097 SF34 UR-CGQ Mars RK
340A-100 SF34 YL-RAL RAF-Avia
340A-102 SF34 N304ST Private owner
340A-105 SF34 N744BA Air Sunshine
340A-108 SF34 N681BC IBC Airways
340A-109 SF34 N906RA Ryan Air (USA)
340A-111 SF34 N907RA Ryan Air (USA)
340A-112 SF34 ES-NSB Nyxair
340A-113 SF34 ES-NSM Nyxair
340A-114 SF34 SE-LJN NextJet
340A-118 SF34 SP-KPN SprintAir
340A-120 SF34 C6-JAY Western Air
340A-124 SF34 UR-CGR Mars Rk
340A-125 SF34 N661BC IBC Airways
340A-126 SF34 HA-TAD Fleet Air International
340A-127 SF34 SE-LEP NextJet (Ski Force One Livery)
340A-128 SF34 N128CH Private owner
340A-130 SF34 SP-KPE SprintAir
340A-131 SF34 LV-BTP Sol Lineas Aereas
340A-132 SF34 ES-LSE Airest
340A-133 SF34 C-GKCY RiseAir
340A-134 SF34 UR-YAB YanAir
340A-135 SF34 ZK-CIY Air Chathams
340A-138 SF34 N138SD Private owner
340A-139 SF34 SP-KPR SprintAir
340A-141 SF34 SE-LMR NextJet
340A-143 SF34 SP-MRC SkyTaxi
340A-144 SF34 ES-LSF Skystream Airlines
340A-145 SF34 SP-KPU SprintAir
340A-151 SF34 SP-KPG SprintAir
340A-155 SF34 VH-EKD Rex
340A-156 SF34 SE-ISE NextJet
340B-160 SF34 G-LGNI Loganair
340B-162 SF34 ES-NSL Nyxair
340B-163 SF34 UR-ALC AeroJet Airlines
340B-164 SF34 SE-KXG BRA
340B-165 SF34 C-GTJX RiseAir
340B-166 SF34 N327SA Private owner
340B-167 SF34 SP-CUA Private owner
340B-168 SF34 LV-CSK Sol Lineas Aereas
340B-169 SF34 ES-NSK Nyxair
340B-170 SF34 100001 Sweden - Armed Forces
340B-171 SF34 N989AF Ameriflight
340B-172 SF34 N3172 Private owner
340B-173 SF34 G-LGNJ Loganair
340B-175 SF34 VH-OLL Rex
340B-176 SF34 SE-KXI Air Leap
340B-178 SF34 VH-YRX Rex
340B-179 SF34 VH-ZXS Rex
340B-181 SF34 N63AU EZ Air
340B-182 SF34 VH-ZLX Rex
340B-185 SF34 G-LGNK Loganair
340B-186 SF34 VH-ZJS Rex
340B-187 SF34 N187JF IBC Airways
340B-189 SF34 SE-KXJ NextJet
340B-191 SF34 C-GQPC Pascan Aviation
340B-192 SF34 N219KA Ameriflight
340B-194 SF34 N194CJ Private owner
340B-196 SF34 C6-SBK Sky Bahamas
340B-197 SF34 N968AF Ameriflight
340B-199 SF34 G-LGNA Loganair
340B-200 SF34 VH-RXQ Rex
340B-203 SF34 HI999 Air Century
340B-205 SF34 VH-OLM Rex
340B-206 SF34 N675PA Private owner
340B-209 SF34 VH-RXX Rex
340B-212 SF34 N685PA Azur Air Germany
340B-214 SF34 UR-ELS Air Urga
340B-215 SF34 SE-LJS Air Leap
340B-216 SF34 N34216 Private owner N/A
340B-217 SF34 T-34 Argentina - Air Force
340B-219 SF34 N219JA Castle Aviation
340B-220 SF34 N220MJ Legacy Airways
340B-221 SF34 SE-LJT Air Leap
340B-223 SF34 N961BC IBC Airways
340B-224 SF34 N971BC IBC Airways
340B-225 SF34 YL-RAE RAF-Avia
340B-226 SF34 T-32 Argentina - Air Force
340B-228 SF34 UR-IMS Air Urga
340B-229 SF34 VH-ZLR Rex
340B-230 SF34 UR-APM United Nations
340B-233 SF34 HR-HJS Aerolineas Sosa
340B-238 SF34 N238AE Private owner
340B-239 SF34 UR-ELQ United Nations
340B-240 SF34 N240DS Private owner
340B-242 SF34 UR-ELV United Nations
340B-248 SF34 ES-NSC Nyxair
340B-252 SF34 N703RS Private owner
340B-253 SF34 N253AE Castle Aviation
340B-257 SF34 VH-EKX Rex
340B-260 SF34 N431BC Castle Aviation
340B-262 SF34 N364PX FLOAT Alaska
340B-264 SF34 N264AE Private owner
340B-265 SF34 N365PX PenAir
340B-266 SF34 N266AE Private owner
340B-269 SF34 N902AE Private owner
340B-274 SF34 N481BC IBC Airways
340B-275 SF34 VH-RXE Rex
340B-279 SF34 VH-RXN Rex
340B-281 SF34 JA8886 Japan Air Commuter
340B-283 SF34 N283AE Seaborne Airlines
340B-285 SF34 VH-RXS Rex
340B-286 SF34 N286AE Private owner
340B-287 SF34 VH-TRX Rex
340B-288 SF34 T-33 Argentina - Air Force
340B-289 SF34 C-FJVW RiseAir
340B-290 SF34 VH-KRX Rex
340B-291 SF34 VH-NRX Rex
340B-293 SF34 VH-ORX Rex
340B-294 SF34 N294TL Private owner
340B-295 SF34 N369PX Private owner
340B-298 SF34 N298AE Private owner N/A
340B-301 SF34 VH-VNA Rex
340B-303 SF34 VH-PRX Rex
340B-304 SF34 N304AE Private owner
340B-307 SF34 N307AE Private owner
340B-311 SF34 VH-SBA Rex
340B-313 SF34 N313AE Private owner
340B-314 SF34 N904AE Private owner
340B-317 SF34 N317AE Private owner
340B-318 SF34 G-LGNC Loganair
340B-319 SF34 N905AE Private owner
340B-320 SF34 N320AE Private owner
340B-322 SF34 VH-KDV Rex
340B-323 SF34 N323AE Private owner
340B-324 SF34 N324AE Private owner
340B-325 SF34 VH-KDQ Rex
340B-327 SF34 G-LGNG Loganair
340B-328 SF34 N677PA PenAir
340B-329 SF34 N329AE Castle Aviation
340B-331 SF34 N331CL Private owner
340B-332 SF34 N332AE Private owner
340B-333 SF34 G-LGNH Loganair
340B-334 SF34 N79SA Southern Airways Express
340B-335 SF34 70204 Thailand - Royal Thai Air Force
340B-336 SF34 N336SA Purolator
340B-338 SF34 C-FPCU Pacific Coastal Airlines
340B-340 SF34 N340RC Private owner N/A
340B-341 SF34 C-GANR Pascan Aviation
340B-342 SF34 70203 Thailand - Royal Thai Air Force
340B-343 SF34 C-FJEP Pascan Aviation
340B-344 SF34 HI976 Air Century
340B-345 SF34 N95SA Southern Airways Express
340B-346 SF34 N346CJ PuppySpot
340B-347 SF34 C-GOIA WestJet
340B-350 SF34 N350CJ Seaborne Airlines
340B-351 SF34 N353SA Castle Aviation
340B-352 SF34 N352CJ Azur Air Germany
340B-355 SF34 N355CL Legends Airways
340B-356 SF34 C-FPCZ Pacific Coastal Airlines
340B-357 SF34 ZK-CIZ Air Chathams
340B-360 SF34 UR-ELU Air Urga
340B-361 SF34 N361CL Legends Airways
340B-362 SF34 JA953A Japan Coast Guard
340B-363 SF34 JA954A Japan Coast Guard
340B-364 SF34 VH-VEM Link Airways
340B-365 SF34 JA8642 Japan Air Commuter
340B-366 SF34 VH-VEO Link Airways
340B-367 SF34 100008 Sweden - Armed Forces
340B-368 SF34 E5-EFS Air Rarotonga
340B-369 SF34 VH-EKH Rex
340B-370 SF34 VH-ZLQ Rex
340B-371 SF34 VH-ZLA Rex
340B-372 SF34 70202 Thailand - Royal Thai Air Force
340B-373 SF34 VH-ZLC Rex
340B-374 SF34 VH-ZLF Rex
340B-375 SF34 VH-ZLG Rex
340B-376 SF34 VH-ZLH Rex
340B-377 SF34 VH-VEP Link Airways
340B-378 SF34 JA8900 Japan Air Commuter
340B-379 SF34 100003 Sweden - Armed Forces
340B-380 SF34 VH-ZLJ Rex
340B-381 SF34 VH-ZLK Rex
340B-382 SF34 VH-ZLO Rex
340B-383 SF34 VH-ZLS Rex
340B-384 SF34 VH-ZPN Rex
340B-386 SF34 VH-ZLV Rex
340B-387 SF34 VH-ZLW Rex
340B-388 SF34 VH-ZRZ Rex
340B-389 SF34 VH-ZRB Rex
340B-390 SF34 VH-ZRC Rex
340B-391 SF34 VH-ZRE Rex
340B-392 SF34 VH-ZRH Rex
340B-393 SF34 VH-ZRN Rex
340B-394 SF34 VH-ZRI Rex
340B-395 SF34 100004 Sweden - Armed Forces
340B-396 SF34 VH-ZRJ Rex
340B-397 SF34 VH-ZRK Rex
340B-398 SF34 VH-ZRL Rex
340B-399 SF34 N399CL Legends Airways
340B-400 SF34 VH-ZRM Rex
340B-401 SF34 VH-ZRY Rex
340B-402 SF34 VH-ZXG Rex
340B-403 SF34 VH-ZPB Rex
340B-404 SF34 VH-ZPC Rex
340B-406 SF34 VH-VEA Link Airways
340B-407 SF34 C-GPCI WestJet
340B-408 SF34 VH-VEF Link Airways
340B-409 SF34 1332 United Arab Emirates Air Force
340B-410 SF34 VH-ZPA Rex
340B-411 SF34 N356AG Silver Airways
340B-412 SF34 C-FKSL Pascan Aviation
340B-413 SF34 N413XJ Azur Air Germany
340B-414 SF34 C-GPCJ WestJet
340B-415 SF34 C-GRDU Pascan Aviation
340B-416 SF34 VH-ZXF Rex
340B-417 SF34 N417XJ EZ Air
340B-418 SF34 N304AG EZ Air
340B-419 SF34 N419CL Legends Airways
340B-420 SF34 VH-ZXK Rex
340B-421 SF34 VP-CKI Cayman Airways
340B-422 SF34 VH-ZXU Rex
340B-423 SF34 VH-ZXQ Rex
340B-424 SF34 VH-VEQ Link Airways
340B-425 SF34 VH-VEB Link Airways
340B-426 SF34 C-GPCF WestJet
340B-427 SF34 N327AG Private owner
340B-428 SF34 N328AG Silver Airways
340B-430 SF34 VH-VER Link Airways
340B-431 SF34 1331 United Arab Emirates Air Force
340B-432 SF34 N432CL Legends Airways
340B-433 SF34 VH-VEC Link Airways
340B-434 SF34 N334AG Private owner
340B-435 SF34 N435XJ Private owner
340B-436 SF34 N336AG Silver Airways
340B-437 SF34 N341AG Private owner
340B-438 SF34 N362AG Silver Airways
340B-439 SF34 N439XJ Private owner
340B-440 SF34 N440CL Legends Airways
340B-441 SF34 N441FF CAE Aviation
340B-442 SF34 VH-VED Link Airways
340B-443 SF34 T-35 Argentina - Air Force
340B-444 SF34 N344AG Silver Airways
340B-445 SF34 N351AG Silver Airways
340B-446 SF34 N346AG Private owner
340B-447 SF34 N347AG Silver Airways
340B-448 SF34 N348AG Silver Airways
340B-449 SF34 UR-ELZ United Nations
340B-450 SF34 VH-VEZ Link Airways
340B-454 SF34 N454XJ Private owner
340B-455 SF34 70201 Thailand - Royal Thai Air Force
340B-456 SF34 G-NFLB Cranfield University
340B-457 SF34 N457XJ Waterview Management
340B-458 SF34 N458CL Legends Airways
340B-459 SF34 C-GPCT WestJet
429 SF34 1335 United Arab Emirates Air Force
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